we are producing 3D visuals for interior designers and architects


We will use plans, sections and elevations to create 3D models. We also work with 3D models created in SketchUp        


Once you are happy with the result, we will email you the final image.


Computer generated imagery will be emailed to you so that you and your team can review and provide us with the feedback on any adjustment required


Give us a rough idea of what you are trying to achieve and area you want to cover


Pictures of a site are very useful to create high quality visuals 

​​3D MODELING​​​​​

Your CAD drawings, pictures are used to build 3D model of your proposal


We use 3D render farm services which turn 3D models into photo-realistic image


Proposed finishes are applied to the 3D model
We are 3D Artists

3dloft specialises in producing beautiful, sophisticated looking still 3D rendered visuals, animations, and virtual reality tours for architects and interior designers